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Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Researchers and methodologists are encouraged to submit papers that contribute to the advancement of research methods in their respective fields, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation.


The following paper categories are welcome:

Abstracts of Works: 

Concise summaries of research projects or studies, highlighting key objectives, methodologies, and anticipated outcomes.

Full Papers: 

Comprehensive descriptions of research projects, including detailed methodologies, findings, and implications for the respective field.


Visual representations of research projects or studies, providing succinct overviews of methodologies, results, and implications.

List of Topics

Research Methodology in Public Health Sciences:

Emphasis on innovative research methodologies within the fields of Medicine, Nursing, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Psychology, and other health-related disciplines.

Research Methodology in Education:

Exploration of advanced research methods in various educational areas, including Higher Education, Basic Education, Assessment, Curriculum Development, Teaching, Technology in Education, and more.

Research Methodology in Social and Political Sciences:

Highlighting cutting-edge research methodologies in the fields of Administration, Anthropology, Arts, Political Science, Communication, Economics, Management, Humanities, Linguistics, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, and other social science disciplines.

Research Methodology in 4 IR and Innovative Technologies:

Focus on the methodological aspects of research in Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Engineering Education, emphasizing the unique challenges and approaches in these domains.

Research Methodology in Economic and Management Sciences:

Exploration of research methodologies applied to the fields of Administration, Economics, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, and other business-related disciplines, aiming to advance the understanding and application of research methods in the business context.

Research Methodology in Indigenous Knowledge Systems:

Exploration of research methodologies that center on Indigenous Knowledge Systems, acknowledging and respecting the unique perspectives, practices, and traditions of indigenous communities. This field aims to contribute to the development of ethical and culturally sensitive research methods within the context of indigenous knowledge.