It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to a problem-solving platform that is set to fast-track you on your academic research endeavors. Notice that it is a center setup to put you in the center of our focus in pursuit of your research activity. It is this that makes this G-CAR unique. You, the learner, are the focus of attention throughout until your theses or dissertation is complete. You the learner are at the center or the core of what we do. You are likened to the g-force, which is a measurement of the type of acceleration that causes a perception of weight. When your research progress is accelerated, only then can measurement be taken. You will be mechanically forced to enhance your progression because you are at the center of this compulsive act. ‘The g-force acceleration (except certain electromagnetic force influences) is the cause of an object's acceleration in relation to free fall. ‘ Through the G-CAR programme, you will not be allowed free fall nor a free hike but will be propelled to greater heights.

About Us

The G-CAR is a registered boutique institution operating as a private higher education provider and research facility.

Our Mission

  • Global approach in research and teaching
  • Meeting and exceeding our learner’s expectations by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for demand driven Education, Training and Development in Business Leadership and Management.
  • Creating formidable partnerships with industry leaders across all economic sectors to enhance practical learning experience for our learners
  • Becoming one of the best research centers in the area of business leadership and management in Africa.

Our Values

  • Excellence – While striving for the perfecting of our craft, we believe excellence is the next stop at all that we do. We will stop at nothing but continuously excel in offering the best education and training to our learners.
  • Innovation – We are mind and concept engineers where innovation is at the centre of all that we do.
  • Integrity – Where ethics, honesty and conduct are understood to impact self and all others. We value interactions that are conducted in an ethical and honest manner.
  • Respect – We will continue to respect the rights of other people regardless of their culture, religion, sexual orientation, status and background in line with the constitution of South Africa.

Our Vision

The catalytic leader in academic research and development.

Thesis / Dissertation Coaching

G-CAR is poised to address postgraduate research issues for the benefit of the student in the center of the academic platform. G-CAR welcomes all students from different institutions of higher learning who need support in their research activity. This G-CAR support programme entails a comprehensive coverage on:

The language of research to enhance understanding of concepts for correct application.

Introduction to Research methods to eliminate confusion on how research is done.

Presenting logical thinking strategies leading to sound conclusions and defence to the research question.

Presenting the research in a form of an article for publication in academic journals

G-CAR accepts the position taken by Kearney (2008) who ‘observes that research degrees continue to denote advanced study in a chosen discipline with a view to pursuing an academic career.’ And that ‘In this respect, expertise in research methodology and investigative skills are required.’ G-CAR’s output therefore, is an expert in using accepted methodologies, investigative, presentation, and deductive skills in solving problems for human betterment.

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You are registering with G-CAR not only to receive an academic qualification but to meet the NEW YOU who thinks through problems logically and is a dynamic Research Idea on Legs. Welcome aboard!

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Our Team

Prof. Solomon Lebese

Chairman and Head of Teaching & Learning

Dr King Costa

Managing Director and Academic Registrar

Dr Cibi John Francis

Director and Head of Review Committee

Dr Berny Tumagole

Director and Head of Quality & Admissions Committee

Dr Pearl Nhlapo

Director and Head of Ethics, Legal & Risk Committee

Dr John Tibane

Advisory Board member

Academic Programmes

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Contact Us

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P. O. Box 58563,
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