In many institutions of higher learning students struggle to complete their postgraduate research work in time due to a number of challenges found in South African Universities researched by (Matula 2009) as:

  • Delays in receiving feedback from supervisors
  • Lack of guidelines stipulating supervision
  • Poor supervision – i.e. no schedule for meetings, no records of discussions, etc.
  • No mechanisms for redress (40%)
  • Supervisors always too busy to meet students
  • Inadequate preparation for postgraduate study
  • Heavy teaching loads for faculty members
  • Unnecessary administrative assignments

In many of these institutions students become frustrated by their thesis/dissertation writing to the extent that some drop out.  A number do not receive feedback timeously resulting in long periods of waiting.  When they finally do get feedback, they do not even know how to use the corrective feedback.

With other students, writing proceeds with a lot of collected quotations on issues of concern without outlining what the quotes are supporting. It would also be observed that the research protocol is not followed, logical discussion seriously lacking substance and no sound conclusions result.

What G-CAR research coaching services can do for students

Our value add to students from any institution of higher learning follows:

  • The G-CAR will coaching you in understanding the language of research to enhance your communication strategies
  • You will be encouraged and guided throughout entire process as frequently as needed.
  • Our coaches help you succeed with proven motivational techniques and a proven plan of action.
  • You get help refining your topic, so it is specific and researchable.
  • We help you define your problem statement and research hypotheses.
  • You will be assisted in establishing delimitations and the significance of your study.
  • We guide you in selecting the appropriate literature review approach.
  • Statistical analysis options (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) are suggested and you be aided in selecting the appropriate one.
  • Our coaches will help you correct any areas with issues before you send your work back to your advisor/chair/mentor.
  • You partner with our editors to ensure your document conforms to most recognised academic writing styles and your school’s writing requirements.
  • We assist in preparing you for the oral defense which is an index of your competence in research thus completing your research in record time.